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The purpose of the history forum is to share knowledge of the history of Redditch between those who are interested in the subject. The history can only be expanded by the sharing of knowledge, so please fell free to ask any questions related to this history and, hopefully, someone can give an answer.

Redditch history is very much related to the Industrial Revolution in England. The town has had an important impact on manufacturing and its products are known throughout  the world. These products include needles, fishing tackle, batteries, springs, motorbikes and other light industrial products.

However, Redditch began much earlier, in 1138, when  the Cistercian Order were granted a charter for the founding of Bordesley Abbey. The site selected was in level meadows, near the River Arrow and the abbey grew to become wealthy, owning many manors in the county and beyond. The name of Redditch probably did not exist at that time The abbey prospered for some hundreds of years until it was dissolved by King Henry VIII in 1538. The name of Redditch now appears as it was included in the list of lands belonging to the abbey at its dissolution.